Saturday, December 24, 2016

Nick's public service announcement (Just for fun)

‘Twas the morning after Christmas and all through the house
not a creature was stirring except for one louse,
as Iggy the thief crept through the unlocked door
moving carefully around toys scattered on the floor.
He was quiet as a mouse trying hard not to squeak
and awake all the people upstairs still asleep.
Then what to his wondering eyes did appear
but a shiny new TV and a ton of electronics gear,
which he stealthily moved from the house to his truck
marveling at his very good and their bad luck.
And as he drove out of sight out on Interstate 9,
he called a “Merry Christmas to all! Thanks for what’s now mine.”
But his glee was short-lived as he was pulled over quick
by a jolly old cop whose first name was Nick.
“I’m sorry,” said Nick, “but crime does not pay.”
With that other officers took Iggy away.
Laying his finger aside of his very cold nose,
Nick turned to the camera to offer this close:
“The moral of the story, kids, is keep doors secure,
or others like Iggy will your stuff illegally procure.”
Nick sprang into his cruiser to head back to work
nabbing more felons and Christmas-stealing jerks.

Seriously, have a safe and happy Christmas!

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