Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hurt, conflict, anger

Life hurts, people make us mad, conflicts and anger ensue as we struggle to avoid pain. But the path around a dilemma is frequently not in avoidance or pain reduction.

God delivers the gift of a trial to us and the correct response could be – are you ready for this? – to embrace it. To tough it out joyfully, sharing the pain with no one but Him as you wait for His deliverance, even if it never comes on your terms.

Mining the depths of hurt and anger with tools given through the Holy Spirit can yield the most precious jewels. These are the gems of experience, maturity, and wisdom with which He adorns your life as He quietly heals the hurts.

When they come, if all you do is struggle against troubles, you may miss the opportunity to grow and be strengthened in grace and mercy. In fact, you just may miss Him.

The Bible advises, “Don’t sin by letting anger gain control over you. Think about it overnight and remain silent” (Psalm 4:4, New Living Translation).

God walks with you through troubles and joys.

Are you hurting? Have you been hurt before? How did you arrive at healing? Do you think you can do it again? Why or why not? Share your experiences  and thoughts in the comments!

NOTE: For the past and for the next several weeks, Tuesday’s post will be a brief two-minute devotional. Think, “Tuesday Two-Minute Devotional” or “Two-Minute Tuesdays or something  along those lines. ;-)

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