Sunday, April 3, 2016

Just browsing? Find something you like? How about letting me know? I need your feedback! Please.

When I go shopping, I’m the guy who likes to look, on my own, with no assistance from a clerk.

When they approach, all smiley-happy-faced, mouths open as they begin to ask the inevitable “May I help you?” question, before one sound leaves them, my response is brusque and to the point, “I’m just browsing.”

I don’t even have to look up and I just keep browsing.

Having been a clerk in a store, I understand how it is. I know you have to ask. And I also know that, once asked, it’s best to back away when rebuffed. But not too far.

Just stand over there. Don’t be too obvious. So when I do have a question or need some help, I can find you.

But that’s not my point. Well, not exactly.

My point is, this blog has a lot of browsers. Because we’re on the Internet, the more typical term is “Lurker.” But I don’t like that. It has a negative connotation. Browser is better.

I understand, you’re just looking. Or in this case, reading.

I know you’re there because the site statistics tell me so. And I’m glad you are.
But I do have just one favor to ask. It won’t cost you anything but a couple more minutes of your time.

Please comment!

See something you like or don't like?

Say something. Anything.

After you read a post, if you like it, please say so.

If you don’t like it, say that as well. And tell me why you didn’t like it.

If something didn’t make sense, ask me about it. Point out any errors, my logic fails, my wording faux pas.

One thing I’m always a little self-conscious about is whether or not I’m exegeting a biblical passage correctly, or expressing a theological point accurately, or just making sense in general.

A little positive affirmation is always a good thing. Or just acknowledgment.

When I’m shopping, after just browsing in a store, the metaphor in this context for making a comment is to make a purchase.

Here on this blog, a comment is free for you to make and priceless for me to receive.

At the end of every post, there is a little question mark graphic and a few more sentences specifically aimed at sparking a response from you.

Getting people to comment is a challenge I know other bloggers have as well. Unless of course they’re already really famous or absurdly controversial. Then everyone wants to give them a piece of their mind.

But I’m not famous. Nor am I particularly controversial. I am a pretty good writer and a little contrarian in my ideas, though. I think this should be worth something.

Anyway, it would really be helpful if you’d take a sec and react or respond to my blog posts. Feel free to even go back to older posts and leave comments there. That would be great!

Perhaps you read a post and would like more on that same topic. Let me know! Or perhaps you’ve had a similar thought or experience. Share it! Or there’s a topic you’d like to see me wrestle with. Tell me!

I know you’ve probably thought about it, leaving a comment. So hopefully this plea will be just the nudge you need to motivate you to actually post a comment.

But even if the comments don’t come, I’ll most likely keep blogging. At least for the time being.

Thanks for at least stopping by and reading. I do appreciate it.

Have you ever tried to blog? How did it go? Are you blogging now? Do you get comments from people? Any tips on how to get more comments? Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Stephen: just the nudge I needed. We haven't spoken since our conversation at Starbucks. Doing well; hope you are too. It's late, after work for me. More later. Blessings...


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