Friday, March 25, 2016

A raucous cross-holiday meditation: J’adore!

At Christmas we sing, “Oh come let us adore him.”

Let us? Really?

This implies hesitation. Seeking permission. Looking around at others, shrugging our shoulders in bewilderment, and saying, “Well, I will if you will.”

Maybe even waiting for someone else to go first. “Are you sure we’re allowed to, you know, adore him? You go ahead. I’m right behind you.”

No, no, no. That’s not the idea at all. After all, it’s Easter and He is risen! Now He’s up and out from the grave, was dead but now isn’t.

So, come! ADORE HIM! NOW!

You know, now in the sense of a Jack Bauer command.

“Down on your knees! Do it! Now!”

Not that someone is standing over us with a gun to our head. No, not like that.

Rather, this is something that should be exploding from within us. Like the eruption of a grateful volcano. Like resurrected life bursting from the grave.

“Finally! It’s Him! The One to whom I owe it all! There He is! Right there! Now, I can adore Him! I must!”

Yes, exclamation points by the bushel are appropriate for this.

ADORE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Say it loud. Say it proud. Shout it for all to hear.




There is no other Love, no other Object of our fickle affections Who deserves such an intense degree of plain, unadulterated, unfiltered ADORATION!

Deep, ardent, reverent, unabashed adoration.

Run past the manger. Kneel at the cross. Marvel at the empty tomb. Look up in wonder. Feel the gratitude surge in your heart.

Then, without missing a beat, without restraint, without shame...


He is risen!

What are you thinking about, meditating on, mulling over this Easter season? Share your thoughts and insights in the comments! 

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