Monday, February 8, 2016

The Sisyphus dilemma. So close & yet so far...

Remember Sisyphus?

He was the guy in Greek mythology who was condemned to eternally push a rock up a hill only to have it roll back down.

The rock never stayed. Never went over the other side. Never moved on.

Just up....almost....almost....almost......then back down.

Think about it. Feel the strain. Feel the mounting hope. Feel the sense of, “Maybe, just maybe, this time....”

Then, Boom!, back down the boulder rolls. Back down Sisyphus goes. And it all starts again.

Up. Down. Up. Down. Just to the cusp. But never over.

Can you relate?

Have you ever set a goal and started pushing through? Made progress? Had your hopes rise? And then, Boom!, back to square one. Or so it feels.

Something. Some circumstance outside of your control impedes your progress.


Of course, there’s the old saw that if you can’t go ahead, just go through or over or around or under, etc., etc.

I doubt Sisyphus was encouraged by such verbal memes.

Sometimes, stuck is stuck.

And right now, I’m stuck.

Initially I was really encouraged and grateful (and still am). The response was tremendous and humbling, especially since it was really hard for me to ask. For help. Which I do not like to do. Ask for help.

But which I’m doing again. Now. Because it seems the stone rolled back down the hill.

Yes, I’m talking about the help I need to get my book, The Hungering Dark: A Story into print.

As I’ve mentioned before*, there are two critical pieces I need help with: editing and marketing expenses.

Editing is especially important and is the first priority, the first hill to get the boulder over.

A good edit is going to cost at least $2,000. So far, we’ve raised $835 (for which I’m truly very grateful!).

To move ahead with just the editing, we need to raise at least another $1,200.*

But together we can!

Right now, if only 30 people extend a helping hand at just $40 each, we’d push this boulder over the top of this first hill in no time!

Won’t you help me? When you join the team at $40, you’ll get a signed paperback copy of the book when it’s published.

Of course, you’re welcome to come on board for any amount, and there are several suggested levels, each including a book or two.

Go to to help get me unstuck and to learn more about the book.

Help me bring The Hungering Dark: A Story to light!

Please give and join the team today! Or please share this post with others and invite them to join us today!

(And keep the lights on!)

Thank you.

*Additional resources:

Please feel free to ask any questions, share ideas, offer your suggestions, and pass along any thoughts you may have in the comment section. And, of course, please visit to offer your support of my book project!

* UPDATE: I've lowered my goal from $5000 to $3500. The person who will be editing the book has given me a *very* generous break on the cost, so my needs are less. Yay! And I know she'll do a great job; I've worked with her before. So, we're moving forward. Thanks again for your support!

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