Monday, January 4, 2016

Lamentations of a wordsmithy (#Poetry Monday*)
Freelancing has its charms
Like working in your pajamas,
But the downside has it harms
When clients go to the Bahamas.

Ignoring repeated invoices
While fishing from their yacht,
They’re pleased with your word choices
But payment is forgot.

“Sorry, I just don’t have it right now.”
“You know I’m good for it, though.”
“Gotta go. Have a nice day. Ciao!
“Remind me in a month or so.”

* Its PoMo! To learn about PoMo (POetry MOnday), click here. 

Being a freelance writer has its ups and downs. Chasing payments is a perpetual challenge. As is the need for non-stop marketing. All of which reduces the joy of the writing part. Are you a freelancer? Can you relate to my lament? Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments! And venting is definitely allowed. 

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