Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Clap On! Clap Off!

 I wrote this meditation a few years ago. It's included in Words for Winter.

It’s that time of year again when the TV is filled with visions of sugar plums, Chia Pets®, rosy-snouted reindeer, and those ever-popular commercials for The Clapper®—that favorite Christmas gift perfect for everyone in the family!

What a cleverly wonderful little gadget. Plug it in and then clap your hands all ye people and shout with a voice of triumph when your stuff goes on and off from way across the room.

The Clapper turns things on and off. The apostle Paul exhorts us to put things off and put things on. In Ephesians 4:22-24, he says “to put off your old self…and to put on the new self.” Or, un-deck yourself of the old and don ye now your new apparel.

But unlike with The Clapper, what Paul says to put off is supposed to stay off. What is put on is totally different and to be kept on. Often, though, we allow circumstances to clap us on or clap us off spiritually!

Life is good…clap on…shout “Glory!” Life hurts…clap off…woe is us, take us back to Egypt!

Wouldn’t it be better to be like the amazing Ginsu Knife! It cuts nails, saws lumber, and still slices tomatoes—tough, yet gentle. It has a lifetime warranty—an eternal benefit. But wait, there’s more! It comes with several handy gadgets—equipped to deal with a wide variety of circumstances. No matter what it comes up against, the Ginsu can always cut it.

As we move into yet another new year, may we clap off the old, clap on the new, grow in the Spirit like well-watered Chia Pets, and live on the Ginsu-cutting edge of God’s amazing promises. Don’t delay! Act now! And have a wonderful year.

What are some of the Christmas memories you treasure? Share them in the comments! Read more like this in Words For Winter: A small collections of writings for the season, available for Kindle or in Paperback.


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