Monday, May 13, 2013

Haiku Ramblings: Cicadas (#PoetryMonday*)

Sleeping underground
you sense the sleepy silence
of summer, then rise.

Your skin shed clings on
as you crawl higher or fly.
Stop. Coded buzzing.

Summer mercury,
blood red, filling the glass tube,
brings heat and your song.

Aliens beneath
naked summer feet and sun
awake and conquer.

Strange skins cling on trees,
witness of resurrection
from years underground.

Like us you live most
asleep in the darkened earth
awakening late.

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These haiku (Or is it haikus or haikii? The plural is troublesome.) are not new. They are included in my one collection of poetry, the revised version: The Godtouch (paper, hardcover, or Kindle). While Chesterton laments the absence of poetry about cheese, there seems to be only a few poems, that I've found, specifically about cicadas as well. But still more about cicadas than there are about cheese.

I love cicadas. It's not really summer until they sing. Although, in some areas as will happen this year, an emergence of a particularly large Brood can apparently be annoying.

Anyway, these six haiku/s/ii are my small way of thanking the cicada for their soothing presence as they emerge each summer.

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