Monday, April 15, 2013

Miracles are everywhere (#PoetryMonday*)

A seed pod from the locust tree uncurls, black and shiny,
bulges and stretches out, hisses at me and slides into the trees,
taking the shape of a black rat snake.

A green rock, or is it a scuffed softball, grows stubby scaled
legs and pointy head, stalking off slowly into the waiting forest,
a box turtle alarmed.

A tumble of dried grass rolls in the wind becoming a rabbit, hopping.
A small stand of trees and brown shrubs seem a glimpse of deer.
A shaking of wind-blown leaves transform into fleeing birds.
Blue sparks flash among the blades of grass,
the electricity of fast-moving skinks.

As the day ends, the west distant edge of the fireless woods
blazes below the dark smoke of the evening sky
starred by fireflies dancing and winking.

A dog-like blur of fur stops, looks at me, a coyote
contemplating my intentions against his, then is gone,
leaving behind only the memory of his eyes and raised ears.

 It's PoMo! To learn about PoMo, click here and then scroll down.
FYI: I first doodled a rough draft of this poem around 2007 when living in Fishers, Indiana near Fishers Heritage Park near Eller Road and 106th. I went walking in the park and the attached woods several times a week. I've "finished" the poem (at least for now) for this post. I think this is a tad better than the previous PoMo post <wink>.

This poem is included in this collection:

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