Monday, April 1, 2013

easter canon (or, updated, "What was I thinking?" *)

here comes Peter Cottontail
hoppin' down the bunny trail
find his eggs or go to hell
jim and johnny and lil' nell

his eggs we do hide
to remember how he died
on a cross he cried
they jabbed him in the side

his blood ran red
thorns on his head
by him were we led
and now he is dead

he was the great one
the father's only son
we thought we'd won
but then he said "it's done"

he's had his requiem
just memories now remain
of a once great king
who now lies slain

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* Okay, this one probably needs a little explanation. I wrote this in 1970, printed them up on 3x5 cards on a miniature mimeo thingy (image above), and then (Gasp!) handed them out at church on Easter (Gah!).

My church was a small Pentecostal uber-conservative (in every sense) small town church. My poem, a teenage rant against the commercialization of Easter, really didn't go over well. Mom and Dad fielded a few uncomfortable phone calls that day. All I can remember is that I spent the day in my room alternating emotionally between, "Take that, Easter Bunny!" and "What was a thinking?!?!?"

And thus began my life as an ambivalent troublemaker.  

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