Wednesday, June 6, 2012

R u a h8tr? The world needs more < 3

I hate the word “hater” which is often rendered with a redundant “t” in texting as “h8tr.”

The online Urban Dictionary defines h8trs: “another word for Haters. ppl who are jelous and envious of other ppl.” [sic]

Clearly the poster of that definition is spelling-challenged with an affinity for texting-inspired abbreviations.

Tbh, I h8 that, ppl.

In reality, the h8tr label isn’t about jealousy and envy; that’s the smokescreen of denial being used by the hater-callers.

A h8tr by any other name may not be who you think

“Haters” (aka h8trs) is a label that has rapidly proliferated attached to anyone and anything the tagger omnipotently determines to be outside the pale of perceived approved tastes, opinions, and their ill-informed and oddly-shaped worldviews.

Basically, if you express disinterest in, disdain of, or are just innocently unaware of a type of music, a bent lifestyle, perverse behavior, questionable fashion choices, liberal politics, atheism, and so on, then you are by default a “hater. End of discussion.

Regardless of the arena, whether culture, education, sexuality, fashion, business, politics, or religion, the “h8tr” police seem bent on killing intelligent discourse, reasonable disagreement, and general morality.

It’s their way or the highway. Once thusly labeled you are outside the camp of cool.

Basically, they make taking a stand against tastelessness and even evil seem like a bad thing by calling it bigotry instead of courage, and simply labeling those who speak truth as "haters."

It’s a very shoot first and ask questions later approach. Except they don’t ever ask questions.

For example….
  • If you think vegans and PETA should just mind their own business and have an Angus burger, you are a h8tr.
  • If you regard evolution as mere theory and creationism as having merit, you are a h8tr of science and probably stupid.
  • If you are a Republican, conservative, or a watcher of Fox News, you must be a h8tr and probably intellectually impaired.
  • If you believe the Bible is the standard for determining morality and law, you are a small-minded non-progressive h8tr.
  • If you are part of a religious organization that restricts participation in your group based on religion, you and your group are h8trs.
  • If you are not pro-choice, you are a h8tr and considered a threat to women’s rights.
  • If you hold the opinion that government has no business dictating health insurance requirements to religious institutions even when those requirements violate their religious doctrines, you are a h8tr.
  • If you consider same-gender marriage to be an affront to God and generally not a good thing, you are most certainly a h8tr as well as a homophobe (a disparaging term I dislike intensely).
  • And if you choose to not support or vote for Obama or any other liberal or Democrat seeking office, you are the worst of h8trs, and probably, somehow, by default, a racist.
Free speech is a right and a responsibility to be respected

Once upon a time in this beautiful country called America, free speech was considered an absolute right and a treasured responsibility. It was the distinctive that set us apart from nearly every other nation in the world.

Whether you expressed your views profanely or with intelligent grace, we all still upheld your right to do so. We simply agreed to disagree from time to time. Men and women have died on battlefields to preserve this most treasured of freedoms. And they still are.

Yet free speech is being quashed by rampant political correctness which is nothing more than a kind of reverse nazisim. Little hitlers have cropped up in every realm of culture bent on silencing all who hold views divergent from theirs by slapping them with the h8tr scarlet H.

The truth of the matter? Those ppl who are quickest to loudly and vehemently declare others as h8trs are most often the ones who are deeply biased, intolerant, non-inclusive, racist, bigoted, and repressive.

They themselves are the real h8trs. And no one is jealous or envious of them.

All that they accuse those they’ve identified as h8trs as doing, they are often more guilty of.

They are truth-phobes and rights-robbers. They deny the truth, ignore facts, and are intent on robbing others of their rights to free speech while shutting down intelligent discourse.

I don’t h8 them, but I do find them intensely annoying.

Turning the other cheek to the cheeky

Proverbs 15:1-4 offers this insight: “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. The tongue of the wise commends knowledge, but the mouth of the fool gushes folly. The eyes of the LORD are everywhere, keeping watch on the wicked and the good. The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit” (NIV).

Labeling those with whom you disagree as h8trs is not a gentle answer. It does not commend knowledge. It does not bring understanding. It does not facilitate honest dialogue. It does not yield peace or unity.

Instead it stirs up more anger, gushes folly, exposes deceitfulness, foments dissension, and seeks to crush any spirit of goodwill.

Calling people h8trs because you don’t see eye to eye really harshes everyone’s mellow and doesn’t win you any debating points.

It doesn’t bring us any closer to mutual understanding.It doesn’t facilitate honest communication.It doesn’t accomplish anything positive for anyone.It alienates and divides.

Don’t you just h8 that?

Ppl, it’s time to banish the use of hater/h8trs in all forums.

Let’s tamp down the discord in our disagreements, embrace the diversity of different points of view, agree to disagree, and choose to be respectful of one another.

Let’s have less h8 and more <3.

Don't you agree?


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