Saturday, May 12, 2012

This is really something!

I guess it's a tad ironic that I didn't post anything to my blog this week. My intent is to get something up by around each Tuesday. But life sometimes impedes and it just doesn't happen.

Why the irony?

Well, I opened my email this morning and there was a message titled, "Good news from the EPA." No, this isn't from that havoc-creating environmental protection agency. It's from the Evangelical Press Association*.

I first joined the EPA back in the 80s and have maintained my membership consistently. They're a good bunch of people.

This year, on a whim, I entered their annual contest. And that's what the good news refers to.

The message read: "Earlier today we announced the winners of the Evangelical Press Association* awards, and you received the first place award in the Single Author blog category."

Say what? I won? First place? Seriously? Really?!?! THIS blog?

Since the email was sent out at 3AM I was a bit concerned that a sleep-deprived, groggy-headed mistake had been made. But, there on the EPA website, way down on the page, you can find my name listed next to the award.

As my wife likes to exclaim, "Wowsy wow wow!"

I've really won my very own "major award!" Woot!

Comments from the judges included:
  • Excellent writing, editing, and proofreading.
  • Very consistent content quality.
  • Creative, conversational, authoritative style.
  • Relevant, engaging content - and design - call-out quotes and images are nice touch.
  • Some perspectives and approaches are unique
And the overall comment: "Very well written and presented blog. Well done!"

I am so blown away, honored, humbled, and amazed by this recognition of the skill and talent with which God has blessed me. My intent is always to honor Him and bless others with my writing. It seems that I am being at least somewhat successful in this endeavor. That's nice to know.

So, thank you to the EPA judges and to you, my few loyal readers. And thanks also to Steve Dicken, Zenas Bicket, Elsie Elmendorf, Bob Walker, and a few others, who helped shape my writing skills. You definitely own a share of this prize.

This is a really good day! A day that God has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

*FYI: The EPA is a professional association of some 300 Christian magazines, newsletters, newspapers and content-rich websites from throughout North America. EPA's purpose is “to strengthen evangelical periodicals through inspiration, instruction, and networking.”



  1. Congratulations friend!! Glad the 'big boys' noticed and have appropriately recognized you as you share your gift with the rest of us!
    Well done!
    Seems you are doing well on your AUG degree (approved unto God)!

    1. Thank you, Susan! I will admit that I'm a little giddy over this. It's really nice to receive such a wonderful validation. God is good!

  2. Congratulations, Stephen! You got a lot of applause. :)

    1. Cool. Would love to have been there. I am truly in awe and very appreciative of the recognition. Thanks!

  3. This is excellent news that is well deserved! I'm proud of you, and I still use the basic website you set up for me years ago. So your work keeps going, and going.... Hey, somebody should make a commercial with those words. Maybe you could be the spokesman.

    Blessings my friend.

    1. Thank you very much, Don, for your kind words!


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