Thursday, July 14, 2011

15 simple tips for using basic technology tools in business

To be successful in business, you need to know how to use basic communications tools.

If you can’t figure out your office phone, refuse to keep up with emails, or are clueless about texting, please immediately seek professional help.

When using these basic tools, here are 15 simple tips to keep in mind:

  • Learn how to use it if you aren’t. You have no excuses for not.
  • Reply to messages you receive, and reply promptly.
  • When replying, respond to every item or question.
  • Keep your inbox cleared so new messages aren’t bounced.
  • Create a signature that appears on every email and reply with ID/contact info.

  • Pick it up when you aren’t getting a reply to your email; call them.
  • Make sure your phone sends caller ID.
  • Leave a detailed message if you encounter voicemail; don’t just hang-up.
  • Return calls within 24 hours (check your voicemail regularly).
  • Keep you incoming voicemail message professional and brief.

  • Use sparingly and only for immediate issues.
  • Don’t use text like email; keep messages very, very short and on topic.
  • Never send anonymous texts; not everyone will recognize your phone number.
  • Create a signature that always IDs you as the sender (yes, you can create signatures for text messages).
  • Always include subject text when sending a photo.

What useful tips have you learned? Share them in the comments!

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