Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A poem: Power Walking

I'm tired of all things extreme,
out of the box,
over the top,
getting in faces,
dazzling the razzle,
pushing the envelope,
grabbing for the gusto,
living on the cutting edge,
super biggie sized machismo and -ma,
pumping up,
pimping rides,
raising the roof,
living large,
shock and awe,
tossing the wind caution,
putting the pedal to the metal,
power lunching,
crackberry multi-tasking,
cheese chasing,
tripping the light fantastic,
shooting the moon,
dog eating dog,
life defining adventures,
roping the razorback,
wrestling the wraith,
jumping the shark,

All I want to do is walk.
On level ground.
Along straight paths.
In the right direction.
With Him.


This poem is included in this collection:

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