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  1. Brother Stephen, I miss your insight. Just saying, in this dark world (watch the evening news), it is hard for me to believe you haven't had some light to share. So I am going back over your old post again. And yes, I know you're busy, and the sermon you recently preached was good, probably needed more than you know. I recall one of my favorite wordsmith telling me once that "writing was just as simple as staring at a blank computer monitor until you started sweating blood from thinking so hard". (close as I recall.) Whether you post anytime soon or not, thanks for always being honest and bold and relating what needs to be said. Thanks for your work in the church and your promotion of the gospel. Thanks for remaining faithful to the Father's call. Yeah, dude, you make a difference more than you realize.
    Till the last dog dies, your Brother,

    1. Hey Randy,

      Thanks for the encouragement and I'm glad you're reading old posts! I wish more would. And comment.

      I've honestly not had much interest in blogging these last months. So I've just been thinking, reading, mulling, praying and trying to decide how to proceed with the blog. I think I wore myself out last year posting as often as I did!

      At any rate, something will happen again eventually.

      I'm looking at moving away from Blogger to WordPress and have been toying with it ( WordPress seems to be the favored and most popular blogging platform and does have a few advantages, but requires going back and tweaking all the posts that didn't transfer properly. We'll see.

      Thanks again, bro!


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