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If you click on a link to a specific post, at the bottom of every individual post you will see a “Post A Comment” box like the one shown below. Place your cursor inside the box and type your comment. When you’re satisfied, select a method to authorize your post from the “Select a profile” dropdown, then follow the instructions for each.

If you choose to use the “Anonymous” option (since this is the easiest option to use), if you don’t mind, I would appreciate if you would include your name in your comment.

If you do not see a comment box, look for the “Comments” link. It will read “No comments” or will indicate the number of comments. Simply click the link and you will be taken to the comment box.

You may also click on any of the “Reactions” boxes to like or dislike the post.

Questions / Additional post information

At the end of nearly every post, you will encounter a “?” icon followed by additional information related to the post and/or one or more questions. The questions are to help start a conversation about the post.

Is the information on this page helpful? Are there questions you still have about the blog or how to comment? Ask them in the comments section below! Or email me at

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