Monday, December 26, 2016

The day after Christmas (#PoetryMonday*)

It’s the day after Christmas.
The beginning of the
end of holidays.

Anti-climax marks our moods
as we clear away the day before’s
discarded wrappings
and emptied boxes.

We must clean up and
move on, back to jobs
and the same old
same old.

In Bethlehem, centuries
before, the day after was
exceedingly different.

Inn-less, awaking after
an odd and momentous day
dripping with awe, all was
quiet, comparatively.
Neediness reigned.

A newborn needed nursing.
Things needed gathering.
A home needed finding.
Thoughts needed sorting.

Joseph and Mary, still tired,
sat by a small smoky fire, had
breakfast, then headed out
into a new era of wonder
and hardship.

Joy, though born,
would take time
to be fully realized.

Still, it’s the day after Christmas!
Behold! The same old same old
is becoming new!

* Its PoMo! To learn about PoMo (POetry MOnday), click here. This one probably is a little raw and may need some more work. Still, I have been mulling a lot on the real Christmas experience then and how it compares now. Any thoughts? Please share them in the comments!

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