Monday, August 8, 2016

Treasured by Grace (#Poetry Monday*)

Shamed beyond shame,
she was dragged into the public square,
accursed, accused,
awaiting the law-endorsed abuse
to be heaped on heavy,
all hope siphoned,
she was the least of the least
in this single defining

But they paused,
turned to him with
cunning grins,
and asked,
“What do You say?”

He looked at her,
then at them,
and the crowd held its
breath as He stooped,
scribbled in the dust.

“What say You?”
they hissed their demand.

He stood, calmly,
and spoke. “Is any here
sinless? If so, go first.”
Then sat again and
resumed doodling
in the sand.

Shamed beyond shame,
they were stunned,
dropped their stones,
and turned away to their homes,
leaving her standing
alone to be treasured
by Grace.

* Its PoMo! To learn about PoMo (POetry MOnday), click here. Our emotions and self-righteousness can lead us to make devastating choices, especially as it relates to the fates of others we deem unworthy, something less than ourselves. Jesus looks at the heart and sees what is there in both accuser and accused. Are there stones you are holding you need to let go of? No? What if you think about it in the context of politics? Maybe? How about in the context of those who have wounded you in the past? Please share your thoughts and insights in the comments!

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