Monday, August 15, 2016

Legion (#Poetry Monday*)

He had no name of his own,
but that which possessed him
called itself (themselves?) Legion.

When others weren’t trying
to chain him, something they
could never do,
he lived in caves, out in the
wilderness. Naked & crowded.

What filled his mind
was too horrible to bear.
He screamed, howled,
& cut himself with sharp rocks.

“Get out!” was the
only coherent thought
that broke through
the all-encompassing

Then He came.
Something about Him
was irresistible.

A new word, a name, like a
pinprick of hope & pain,
formed in his
awareness: Jesus!

Like a tongue
drawn tortuously
to a mouth sore,
Legion was compelled
to go see Him. To
(foolishly? arrogantly?)
confront Him.

Words were exchanged
& that which was Legion
was vomited out of the
man. Gone.

He sat, his mind clearing.
Someone gave him a garment.
He was clothed & coherent.
There stood Jesus, his Redeemer!

“Take me with you!”
he begged, grateful beyond words.
But, gently, Jesus said, “No.”

“Go!” He said. “Tell your family.
Tell your friends. Tell all what has
happened here. Tell them about Me.”

So he went. Unschooled. Untrained.
No credentials but his story.
To the Ten Cities he went & shared,

telling about Legion, about pain,
about how he met Jesus, received mercy,
& how everything changed.

All who heard the story
of this unnamed disciple
were amazed,
an eventual harvest
of redeemed legion seeded.

* Its PoMo! To learn about PoMo (POetry MOnday), click here.  An encounter with Christ is thoroughly transforming. All who are His are disciples and all disciples are called to take His message to others. No special training is required. How are you doing? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

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