Thursday, June 16, 2016

What is "The Gospel"?

I really want to know >> How do *you* define “The Gospel”?

We hear the term “gospel” regularly. Churches claim to be “full gospel churches.” We are exhorted to share “the gospel.” We are told “the gospel” is the answer for our lives. We claim to believe “the gospel” and live our lives according to “the gospel.” Yet many reject “the gospel” and ridicule “the gospel.”

But, what exactly *is* “the gospel”?

When you hear the term, or use the term, or even reject the term, what do you think? What do you mean? What are you rejecting? What are you accepting? What are you believing? What are you sharing?

Seriously, I’m curious to know how you define “the gospel.” So, please, take a few minutes and in the comments below, share your brief definition of “the gospel.” Try to be succinct, but share what you really think.

I’m not looking for a single right answer. I just want to know what you think "the gospel" is...

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