Monday, April 4, 2016

Anti-pods (#Poetry Monday*)

They appear here and there.

Some, in neat little rows that
seem to connect.
            Others, scattered
      like leaves
          across a lawn.

who encounter them
are struck with fear.
merely ignore them
or deny.
go to great lengths to
avoid them, not even being sure

And yet, they are everywhere.
Secreted into our daily lives
in the most innocuous ways.

They bring us joy, make us cry,
warm our hearts, brighten our moods,
express our love or hate, change
our minds, open our eyes.
              We don’t even realize.

Little alien things constructed from words.
The alphabet arranged by forces
              we don’t quite understand
even though were taught.

Verse, lyrics, greeting cards,
prophecy, psalms, prayers,
              and more.

The disguises are endless.
Some without rhyme but all
camo’ed in reason. Usually.

Yet, bring one out into the open.
Present it for what it truly is.
Strip it naked. Unhide it
              for one sterling moment,
and people will run screaming away
to cower within the faux shelter
of their TVs or phones, and
Netflix in place.

Yet, even there, just beneath the
level of awareness, they still lurk
in jingles, songs, dialogue,
              and more.

They want our hearts,
our minds,
              our souls.

Resistance is inutile.

Poems are among us
seeking to make us fully


 * Its PoMo! To learn about PoMo (POetry MOnday), click here.  April is National Poetry Month. How are you celebrating? How about by writing and sharing poems with friends and family? Or how about buying a book of poems and reading at least one a day? Click here to learn more about National Poetry Month. And share your short poems as well as thoughts about poetry in the comments! And remember, poetry prevents pod people

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