Monday, January 18, 2016

10% Off (#Poetry Monday*)
The guy from the
storage place calls,
working on keeping our rate
low, and mentions
he noticed I’m eligible
for the senior rate.

<slight pause:brief silence>

“I’m not calling you
old, or anything,” he
continues contritely,
and then, courteously
adds, “Just recognizing
your experience
and wisdom.”

Smart. Nice touch.
But I want to tell him,
“This wasn’t my idea.
This thing of aging, becoming
I had nothing to do with this.
I want nothing to do with this.”

It happens.
It happened.
It is happening.

So, now, I go to a store
or restaurant and ask
if they give it. Some say
yes. Some say no.
All look at me
like I’m halfway
in my grave.

What do I care?
I’ve lived. I’ve experienced.
And that wisdom I’ve gained
says, “So what’s so bad
about a discount?”

I’ll take it. As if I have a choice
about why I can.

* Its PoMo! To learn about PoMo (POetry MOnday), click here. 

Aging. What can you do? Does this poem resonate with your experience? Do you take your available senior discounts? Is 10% enough? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments!

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