Monday, October 12, 2015

Dust to Dust (#PoetryMonday *)

we offer our used goods
to those we know
who, politely, yet insistently
reply, no.

So, we take some to the
thrift stores where all is
welcomed and some later
discarded because,
well, you know.

Other items,
as we make our impromptu decisions
to let go, are hastily placed
on the tree lawn
in front of the house.

Later, noticing what’s been taken
we feel a tinge of loss,
maybe even a slight regret
that cannot be recalled or undone.

For items overlooked, left behind,
we feel empathy wondering why
they are unwanted.

They stand forlorn
at the street’s edge
like kids picked last
for dodge ball teams,
self-worth slowly deflating.

But, as we look on, finally,
someone rescues the final items.
We sigh, happy to see them
taken in, reclaimed, continue on
in use, our bits of living legacy
gathering dust in another’s home
as they once gathered dust
in ours.

* It's PoMo! To learn about PoMo (POetry MOnday), click here and then scroll down. 

Based on a true story! Ripped from the headlines! Yep, this poem, albeit a little rough, is based on true-to-life recent experiences. Does it resonate with you? How does it feel like when you give away stuff? Is it easy or is the parting difficult, sweet sorrow?
Please share your thoughts and impressions in the comments!

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  1. Google must like me today. I see my name. This poem hit home - wham! I am not having too much trouble with most items that need to go as we downsize. Many trips to the Thrift Store when boxes get filled. But I have a whole lot of anguish with written items (cards, letters, anything pre-email) from various family members and good, good friends. Yes, I have been a paper saver. Each piece seems to bring feelings I can't shake away. So there is all this paper? Now what?


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