Monday, September 14, 2015

Three Cat Poems (#PoetryMonday *)

Like an old Jew at the Wall

the cat sits
slightly swaying
to the back of the couch
head bowed,
                  eyes closed
thankful for the cushions
upon which
she is about
to rest.


What the Cat Knows

          The cat
comes up on the bed while I read
          and write a little,
sniffs at the inked lines
          in the notebook beside me,
smells the thoughts,
flicks her tongue tasting them,
places her front paws on the page,
          as if she
feels the vibration of the thoughts,
looks at me,
closes her eyes
          in acknowledgement,


Sun Knocks

As the sun moves around the curve
of the southerly fall sky
it's reaching rays move from my
window to the front door
that pops as the heat warms
the core and metal skin
as if he is knocking to come in
before leaving the sky to
make room for the chasing moon.

The cats would like that;
his coming in to curl up with
them in whatever corner they
decided to sleep, warming
their unshed fur.

* It's PoMo! To learn about PoMo (POetry MOnday), click here and then scroll down. 

Yes, I have two cats, Peanut and Shadow. They are sisters although you wouldn
t know it from looking at them or watching them. They’re 11 years old. Peanut was the smaller one as a kitten, but not now. Shadow tends to follow me around. While they once would snuggle up with each other, now, for unknown reasons, they hiss at each other when they pass too near. The first poem is about Peanut, the second about Shadow, and the third about both. Do you have cats? Prefer cats over dogs? Have a favorite poem about pets? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  1. Never had a cat . Grandmother and favorite uncle had cats. They bought fresh kidneys for them. I got to buy these organs at the butcher shop when I would visit my grandmother. Neither of my parents wanted any pets. Wish they had. Loved our two dogs that came with marriage. Now not sure if a cat would be a good idea or not. Do like reading about cats. Like the two poems above about SC's cats. P.S. Ate kidney stew at the Dearborn Inn in Michigan. Actually like liver, brains, kidneys, tripe, etc. Was I a cat at one time?


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