Monday, September 30, 2013

Because I am a stupid man (#PoetryMonday*)

Because I am a stupid man
And when I write I use my hand,
The meanings of the words seem bland
To those intent on finding more than

What is gleaned from just a scan.

Their loss. Your gain. Please feel free
To read it all again.

Or rise and go do the things you must
Before you – and I – become mere dust.

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It's been awhile since we've had a PoMo post! What triggered this one, you ask? Good question, dear reader. 

I'm working through a free online course (aka MOOC) on Modern Poetry (aka ModPo); just getting into week four. While I dearly love poetry and believe all could benefit from reading the genre, after listening to the endless discussions of relatively short poems by the ModPo teaching crew, digging into all those alleged layers of meaning seems a tad tedious. While each person on the panel is very bright and articulate, and there are those periodic nuggets that surface, I often wonder if a lot of it is just going too far. 

Yes, there can be value in reading deeply. But there is also value and enjoyment to be gained from reading at the surface, or just a bit deeper. It is possible to read the life out of a poem while wasting your own. 

And so, the little big of doggerel above popped out of my head while watching one of the discussion videos.

The bottom-line is this: Read poetry. Take it shallow or dive deep as you wish. But most importantly, enjoy it. Don't pooh-pooh those who read shallow if you read deep, and don't be intimidated if you merely read once and move on by those who tend to dissect each word. Just read it and enjoy it as you choose.

This poem is included in this collection:

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