Monday, February 4, 2013

Insomnia (#PoetryMonday*)

I'm tired and ready for bed
when an idea lands in my head.
It rattles around

without making a sound,
but is so loud there's no chance of sleep.


It's Poetry Monday, aka PoMo!

My writing "career" began with poetry. Given that boys aren't supposed to like poetry and most of what I was exposed to, outside of school, that passed for poetry was mostly mush, I guess this could be considered unusual.

While, as soon as I learned to read, books of all kinds were constant companions as I fell madly in love with words, it was poetry that first pushed words out of me onto paper that drew me into a love of writing.

One of the first attempts I can recall was in high school (I was a late starter) while sitting in a study hall in the choir room next to one of my cousins. It was the late 60s and rebellion was in the air. We were chatting about issues of the day and how they annoyed us when he challenged me to put our thoughts down on paper in poetry!

What? Seriously, dude? Where the heck did that come from? I'm guessing the Holy Spirit had a hand in his challenge; God uses the oddest times and people to prod us along His will.

I took up the challenge then and there and, together, we crafted a long "protest" poem, that, as best as I can recall, even rhymed without being sing-songy.

That original stab at the writing craft hooked me. So, thanks to my cousin for the initial push and thanks to all those who encouraged me and helped guide me to even better results. Mr. Dicken (R. Stephen "Steve" Dicken), my senior year English teacher was a key light at the time. And it's he who, during a holiday visit to my hometown, brought up the idea of taking up poetry again.

While I've doodled with it here and there over the years, it's been awhile since I've tried to pursue poetry with any diligence.

Years ago I did manage to get a volume published by a small press which went out of print and is now a self-published book: The Godtouch. A few of the poems appearing in the book were also first published in various periodicals.

If you click on the POETRY category on the left, you'll find more recent stabs at poetry posted within this blog.

Anyway, the point is, since chatting with Mr. Dicken (yes, he will always be Mr. Dicken to me) I've mulled his suggestion and have decided to give it a try. In fact, I suspect he was subliminally issuing a challenge for me to do exactly something like this; he's a sly one.

So, this is the beginning of PoMo (or, Poetry Mondays)!

On Mondays (not necessarily every Monday, maybe every other Monday or so) I will post either a freshly crafted poem or one from my journals that I've been fooling around with off and on for some time. Maybe I'll dig through my old files and see if that original poem is still around. Today's came from my journal.

There may or may not be commentary, such as this, but I will try to include a quote about poetry in the graphic just for fun. Bullwinkle will be a regular.

Some of the poems may actually be good. Who knows? But, as Wilde points out, the feeling behind them all will be genuine.

Enjoy! Welcome to PoMo and please feel free to comment.

This poem is included in this collection:

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