Friday, June 15, 2012

Increasing frequency: Got ‘ny ideas? Suggestions? An open invitation to my readers, all 2 of you.

A few weeks ago I was notified that I’d won a “major award” from the Evangelical Press Association for this blog; the blog as a whole, not a specific post.

The judge or judges offered encouraging comments that were very positive. And they offered one criticism and suggestion: post more frequently. Exactly what they said is, “Every other week or so seems okay, but more often would help to build a consistent, reactive audience.”

Are they kidding?

It hurts so good

Blogging is hard. Well, at least I find it challenging.

Yes, even those of us weirdly configured people who love to write still find it a tad painful. I guess that makes us a kind of masochist, but we won’t go there right now.

I know there are other bloggers who post short snippets daily or even more frequently. I doff my hat to them and their prolificness.

But that’s not me. At least for now. But who knows?

Weakly weekly

I try to post to this blog and my more business related blog once a week each. I target Tuesdays as the deadline for this blog and Thursdays as the deadline for my CleverSmith™ Writing Blog.

I’m not always successful. In fact there are some weeks I don’t post to either blog. Life happens and the writing doesn’t. (Actually, it’s always happening in my head. The challenge is to get it on the digital page.)

Even when I don’t post I still feel the self-imposed pressure of those deadlines.

I also feel the pressure of wanting to write well on whatever topic comes to mind. And, of course, I want what I write to be of some value to you, my invisible readers.

Desperately seeking quality

Many of the blogs I mentioned earlier where postings are daily+ seem to be very uneven in both quality of writing and value of the topic. I don’t want to do that.

Another blogging friend and excellent writer, mentioned a blog she reads where they only post once in a blue moon. “When they post something,” she said, “I know it’s going to be good and it’s something I need to read.”

That’s what I’d like to achieve with both my blogs. I want what I post to be something readers want to read and feel they must read.

It's a wonderful random life

The content for this blog is, as it states in the header, random. There are no constraints. Although I tend to trend toward writing on faith, the Bible, and related topics. Recently I’ve ranted on things that are wrong in our society and a bit on politics.

My other blog is more narrowly focused on writing, business, communication, and the like.

Rise up and speak, my evanescent reactive audience!

So, my question to you, my lurking readers, is what would you like to see me address here in this blog? Are there any topics you would like to see me tackle?

I’d love to read your suggestions. Actually, it’s much easier to write “on assignment” than create ex nihilo. Working from a list of suggested topics could be helpful.

Please, email me or comment here or on Facebook (only if you're already a friend) and share your ideas.

Don’t be shy! That’s my job.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Anything? Hello? Are you there? Anyone?

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