Saturday, July 18, 2009

Flash fiction: What surprised Edward?

At an early age Edward discovered the uncanny ability to foresee certain aspects of the near future. The first time this happened he was sitting quietly listening to friends having a discussion and knew what each was going to say before they said it; kind of like an echo; he heard them first in his head and then just moments later speaking the exact words out loud.

The effect was fascinating and frightening, as well as a little annoying. It didn’t happen all of the time but came and went without warning. However, it never extended past the near, almost immediate, future.

For example, on his birthday he had to feign surprise as he opened his gifts since as he unwrapped them he knew exactly what each one was before he had the packages fully opened. Just an hour earlier he was totally clueless as to what he would be receiving.

Over time as he grew older he learned to somewhat manage the phenomenon. But he never really got used to it. Most of the time he wished he didn’t know what was about to happen. He had no concept of what it was like to experience a real surprise.

The last thing he ever foresaw was how he would die. Then he did. What happened next he never saw coming; it was a complete surprise.

What do you think surprised Edward in the end?

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